Grown-ups are really stupid

What children in distress teach us

Daniel Rousseau

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How to heal the psychological wounds of an abused child? How to restore security to a neglected child? How to help a child and his parents to create an emotional bond? How can an adopted child combine his successive lives? Confronted with parents who are incapable of affection, depressed, absent or excluded, the child may come to withdraw into himself, to show a panic fear of abandonment, to be violent or to no longer be able to express himself. neither by words nor by gestures. In France, more than 300,000 children benefit from a protection measure. Dr. Daniel Rousseau, drawing on his experience in a child welfare nursery, explains to us through concrete cases how these abused children invent solutions to survive and grow up, sometimes even without their parents.
The author

Child psychiatrist for 25 years, Dr. Daniel Rousseau has been working at the Maine-et-Loire children's home for 20 years. He has been awarded three times by the Foundation for Medical Research, the Fondation de France and the National Observatory for Children in Danger for his research work on children in child welfare.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782315003082