Women to the aid of the French Republic, Europe and the planet

Corinne Lepage, Bouchera Azzouz

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"I was able to see during the five years that I spent in the European Parliament that when it was necessary to oppose lobbies, ask delicate questions, challenge conflicts of interest, defend health, it was women of all nationalities and often from all political backgrounds who did. Corinne Lepage What if women were better able to defend the values ​​of the Republic and respond to the European and planetary challenges we face? Based on a structural analysis of the crisis but also of the condition of women, the authors demonstrate that a society where more power would be granted to them would induce respectful and effective policies, as demonstrated by the fronts on which they engage. : emancipation and progress of society, defense of secularism, sustainable development, among others. Corinne Lepage and Bouchera Azzouz, from different social, cultural and political backgrounds, show us the will of women to unite for humanity, far from party quarrels, and invite us to think that the way of women is undoubtedly the only way possible to change things in depth, for more equality, dignity and justice.
The author

Corinne Lepage is a lawyer and politician. Former Minister of the Environment and Member of the European Parliament, she is President of Cap 21/Le Rassemblement Citoyen. Bouchera Azzouz is the former general secretary of the movement Ni Putes ni Soumises. Today she defends the cause of women throughout the world through her activity as a documentary filmmaker, essentially oriented towards their emancipation.

208 pages | ISBN: 9782315006281