The red pumps

Anja Linder

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"I admire the courage of Anja Linder, my friend, I adore her art" Milan Kundera "Anja is not only talent and courage, she is grace incarnate" PPDA By her exceptional destiny and her luminous personality , Anja Linder is one of the most charismatic and popular harpists of her generation. In 2001, during an outdoor concert, a tree fell on the stage. Anja is among the injured, she wakes up paraplegic. Escarpins Rouges is her autobiography, Anja tells her life from her tragic accident until today where she performs all over the world. It's the fight against disability and prejudice to be a free woman and continue to live from her art.
The author

Eclectic artist, eager to explore multiple musical universes, Anja Linder was able to express her talent with musicians such as Marielle Nordmann, Claire Désert, François Dumont, Amaury Coetaux, Alexander Somov and Michel Legrand.

160 pages | ISBN: 9782315008193