The underside of court cases

Marcel Gay, Frédéric Crotta

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Justice, but what justice? The one who twists the right arm to ban Dieudonné's show in Nantes? The one that uncovers the large-scale fraud in the Bygmalion case? The one who is suing a former President of the Republic for corruption and influence peddling? What is this justice that condemns an innocent person in the double murder of Montigny-lès-Metz because of a botched police investigation? How is it rendered? By who ? How does this big breathless machine work? What do judges, lawyers and court clerks who constantly denounce the lack of material and human resources think? What is the weight of networks and lobbies? What are the games of power and seduction, the collusion between justice and politics? The answers are in this book. Deciphering the most emblematic cases of 2014, diving behind the scenes of the courts, portrait of the main judicial actors: here is The underside of judicial cases.
The author

Marcel Gay, great reporter, has published: Enquête chez les notaires (Stock), The Joan of Arc affair with Roger Senzig (40,000 copies sold) and Le coup de Tarnac (Florent Massot). Frédéric Crotta, senior reporter for France 2 in the Investigation and Reporting Service. Specialized in the Police-Justice sector, he intervenes in the television news and magazines of the chain.

288 pages | ISBN: 9782315006069