The hair I dreamed of

Marjorie Jacquet

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"Between Shopaholic and Bridget Jones, this tale is an ode to life. Marjorie pokes fun at death with cheerfully infectious energy. Helpful." Marie France “When he kisses me, he scratches my skin, he bruises my inner thighs, he leaves his finger prints on my neck. I feel like I'm doing high-flying. Paris, fashion, men... Marjorie is a free and inspired woman. At 38, she loves parties, friends, one-night stands. Until the day everything changes: she has breast cancer. Marjorie delivers everything in this story: the fear and anger that invade her, the loss of her femininity, the lovers who disappear and the rebirth at the dawn of her 40 years. The eroticism mixed with this cruel tale makes the testimony unique. Nothing about breast cancer has ever been written in this tone. It slams, clashes, leads into a world of totally unexpected Parisian trendiness for anyone expecting yet another book on the ordeal that is this disease. Marjorie Jacquet has been a fashion press agent for sixteen years.
The author

Marjorie Jacquet was a fashion press officer for sixteen years. After her illness she decided to devote herself to personal projects.

272 pages | ISBN: 9782315008179