The Borgias

A family story


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“We Borgias should keep to ourselves completely. We should also only have children of ourselves, Borgias, always Borgias. No drop of foreign blood should mingle with ours.” Flamboyant dynasty with excessive pride, the Borgias will be able to extend their terrible empire over the whole of Italy. Two popes, cardinals, a military leader, a poisonous beauty: resolutely modern, this novel gives this family back its decadent and poetic power. One can only be fascinated by the strength of his style, colorful and direct, thanks to which he pierces the enigma of what is called a “destiny”.
The author

Klabund (1890-1928), master of German literature, precursor of a form of writing close to cinema, will inspire Bertold Brecht and Günter Grass through his poems, plays and novels.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782315002948