The other's child

Small treatise on the blended family

Catherine Sellenet, Claudine Paque

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“For my mother, I am the last of her children and for my father, I am in the middle because he had two more. It is true that it is not easy to play on both registers. My adaptation time is the trip between the two, 600 km! In seven hours, I have to quickly put myself in the shoes of a big sister who has to play with her little brothers. In France, 250,000 children experience the separation of their parents each year. There are approximately 720,000 blended families in which the majority of children live with a parent and a step-parent. These metamorphoses of the family are now well anchored in our societies. They are accompanied by a set of representations, catastrophic or idealistic visions. But what do the main stakeholders think? This book traces the evolution of the family by taking as a reading grid an angle that is at the same time literary, psychological, sociological and legal. The two authors thus offer us a complete analysis of the metamorphoses of the intimacy of these families, based on numerous testimonies from children and in-laws.
The author

Claudine Paque teaches communication and book trades. She is co-author of The Favorite Child (Belin, 2013). Catherine Sellenet is a university professor in education sciences. A clinical psychologist, doctor in sociology and holder of a Master's degree in law, she is the author of around twenty books on the family and co-author of L'Enfant favori (Belin, 2013).

288 pages | ISBN: 9782315006250