The School of Discord

Inclusive Education Survey

Olivia Cattan

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This survey, written by a journalist and mother of an autistic schoolboy, delivers an alarming observation on the integration of children with disabilities in school: untrained teachers, underpaid school assistants, abused children, families delivered to them. -same… Based on numerous testimonies from parents, teachers and AVS, the author paints a very gloomy picture, far from the fine words and brochures of the government and its minister Jean-Michel Blanquer. For decades, laws and circulars on the education of students with disabilities have been linked together, but their application will remain impossible until financial and human resources are provided. So we simulate, we camouflage, we tinker to deceive. Under cover of a discourse of inclusion, we practice exclusion. This dependent book is also a plea for a new school where differences would be a shared wealth, and an essay that wishes to reconcile parents and teachers.
The author

Olivia Cattan is a journalist and author of 7 books including several novels and committed essays. A feminist activist, she is Honorary President of Women's Words and the current President of SOS Autisme France.

220 pages | ISBN: 9782315010004