the evil spirit

Gérald Messadié

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Historian and essayist, renowned for his original interpretations, his challenges and his aversion to single thought, Gerald Messadié is also a novelist. And like so many of his colleagues, he cultivates a wealth of anecdotes, characters and remarkable, piquant, disconcerting situations. He presents here the cream of the crop in the form of news of a lapidary brevity. They are all characterized by what is colloquially called the "evil spirit". Many a reader, no doubt, will find it hard to hold back their laughter at the unforeseen endings and provocative morals that emerge.
The author

Gerald Messadié, author among others of "The Sixth Republic is served" and of "Dying for New York?", fights imposture in all fields, history, science, art or politics.

180 pages | ISBN: 9782914388115