Anger management

Christine Ducros, Jean-Yves Guérin

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What mechanisms at the heart of the crisis did not work within French companies? Why does the current no longer pass between employees, managers but also trade unionists? Molex, 3M, New Fabris, Caterpillar, Continental, the authors went into the field to listen to the various actors in the conflicts. Unions, multinationals, workers, employees, bosses: the crisis of confidence is general in the business world. And France stands out with a practice that fascinates the media around the world: the kidnapping of bosses. This book is a dive behind the scenes of recent social movements, their new codes, their new protagonists. Where we understand that now the strikes, the tension, the clashes are part of the management, on one side as on the other. Where we discover in detail what television does not show, what the press does not have time to depict: the human. Or rather what's left of it.
The author

Christine Ducros is deputy editor-in-chief in the society department of Le Figaro; Jean-Yves Guérin is head of department at Figaro Économie.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782353410804