The wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort

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"Yes, today I know that throwing midgets is wrong, and it's also wrong to orgy with four whores, and that it's wrong to manipulate stock prices." Jordan Belfort takes us into the temple of world speculation, discovering his mafia behind the scenes, his scandalous secrets, his enormous scams. No one knows them better than him: not so long ago, everyone in the middle of the stock market called him the wolf of Wall Street. How did he become one of the richest men in New York? How, by dint of excesses of all kinds, did he end up arrested by the FBI? With a mind-blowing sense of storytelling and rhythm, Belfort tells us his tragicomic story, from his beginnings as a trader to his vertiginous fall, passing through the heights of the most insolent fortune, the most decadent parties, the craziest psychotropic cocktails. A rock star life. This autobiography of the most insane financial shark will go down in history. Because she is genuinely insane. And because it constitutes the death announcement of the exuberant Stock Exchange years. Unless everything starts all over again tomorrow? Soon to be adapted for the screen by Martin Scorsese.

608 pages | ISBN: 9782353410613