The Ogre's Son

Unpublished revelations of Selim, the son of serial killers Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivier

Oli Porri Santoro

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Since 2008, the Fourniret affair has splashed France and Belgium. The serial killer Michel Fourniret is sentenced to life imprisonment for a series of kidnappings, rapes and murders, and his wife, Monique Olivier, to life imprisonment accompanied by a security measure of twenty-eight years. Their shadows continue to hang over thirty unsolved murders. In 2014, the journalist Oli Porri Santoro invites himself into the investigation and befriends Selim, the only son of the diabolical couple, who has since rebuilt his life in the south of France under a new identity. A true story told nowhere else: unpublished confessions of murders never obtained by the investigators, unveiling of the name of a potential accomplice, proof of the presence of Michel Fourniret at the Ranucci trial in 1976, the truth about the fate of the remains of the treasure of the Postiche gang…
The author

Oli Porri Santoro, born in Nice into a Sicilian family, is a journalist for national titles such as VSD, Capital, Valeurs Actuelles, Closer and Soir Mag.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782315008766