Climate denial

Thomas Porcher, Henri Landes

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This book establishes an uncompromising observation: we are all climate skeptics. We are aware that our activity is responsible for global warming and we identify the consequences such as the melting of the ice cap or the tens of millions of climate refugees each year in the world. Yet we continue to generously subsidize fossil fuels, promote free trade agreements without climate clauses and use measurement indicators that only count market production. This book exposes this hypocrisy and shows that we have the means to meet the climate challenge. Another way exists, it's really just a matter of choice.
The author

Henri Landes is a lecturer at Sciences Po Paris and co-founder of the CliMates association, of which he was president. Thomas Porcher is a doctor in economics, associate professor at PSB (Paris School of Business) and lecturer at Paris-Dauphine University. He is the author of The mirage of shale gas (Max Milo, 2013).

96 pages | ISBN: 9782315007028