Karl Marx's Nightmare

Is capitalism a never-ending story?

Dennis Collin

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It is high time to realize that there is hardly a thinker who has drawn with more perspicacity the main lines of a future which is our present. Contrary to what is repeated by those who would like to refute Marx without having read him, the economic predictions deduced from the analyzes of Capital have essentially been validated. This book demonstrates this with rare clarity, by retracing the history of capitalism over the last hundred years, in the light of Marxian theses. Concentration and centralization of capital, constitution of a world market and a world division of labor and up to the emergence of Chinese power, all of this is in Marx. Joint-stock companies, investment funds, hedge funds, the development of speculation not on real profits, but on expectations of future profits, "junk bonds", in short, all attempts through which capital seeks to overcome the barriers specific to the capitalist relationship, all of this is exposed in a certain amount of detail in Capital. Marx was right, for the worse. But capitalism constantly rises from its ashes. The revolution is long overdue. Have we reached the end of the story? Are the rebellions nothing more than the straw fires of a joyless horizon? Are we doomed to watch the stock market yo-yo as helpless spectators? The author prefers not to do so. It shows how, by submitting the entire planet to its law, by transforming billions of Indians, Chinese and Africans tomorrow into proletarians, by exploiting all possible fields of accumulation, capitalism prepares the moment when the logic of surplus value will indeed collapse. In the meantime, this book examines some avenues for a radical alternative.
The author

Denis Collin is a professor of philosophy. He has published Understanding Marx (Armand Colin, 2006), Revive the Republic (Armand Colin, 2005) and Morality and Social Justice (Seuil, 2001).

352 pages | ISBN: 9782353410552