The Devil's Banker

Jean-François Bouchard

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Adolf Hitler owes him his accession to power. Thanks to him, the Wehrmacht became the most powerful army in the world. He works in the service of Nazism and the odious anti-Jewish persecutions. Then this genius financier conspires to overthrow Hitler. Thrown into an extermination camp, he miraculously survives. Before the Nuremberg tribunal which tries war criminals, the Soviets demand his head. Acquitted, he became after the war the highly listened adviser of the large non-aligned countries. An extraordinary journey that he finished in his bed, at 93 years old. Hjalmar Schacht, the most brilliant economist of the 20th century, also saved Germany from ruin. Not once, but three times. Hyperinflation, mountains of debt strangling the country, unemployment affecting seven million Germans: this demiurge reverses all situations. Today, our modern leaders are powerless to influence the destiny of their nations and watch as spectators the collapse of their economies. May they be inspired by this exceptional man with inflexible determination: because nothing was insurmountable for the banker of the devil.
The author

Jean-François Bouchard, senior civil servant, economist, is familiar with major international financial and monetary institutions. He worked on the integration into the European Union of the former Eastern bloc countries. He is now an adviser to the International Monetary Fund in Central Africa.

288 pages | ISBN: 9782315006304