Women's violence

History of a social taboo

Christopher Regina

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Women's violence appears as a social and historical taboo. The brutal woman is necessarily very minority, very masculine, a bit witchy, cruel or pathologically affected. She steps out of the maternal, submissive or victimist role that society has assigned to women for generations. But violence is not as gendered as we think; History demonstrates this, as well as the figures for delinquency and crimes or the still timid testimonies of beaten men. It is for the author to decipher this reality and to draw the social and legal consequences. Why does justice, for equal crimes, not condemn men and women in the same way? Infanticides, pedophiles, voluntary accomplices of their companion: Christophe Régina relies on numerous historical examples as well as on a survey he himself conducted with around a hundred people to go beyond gender stereotypes and question the place of women in society.
The author

Christophe Regina is a historian and doctoral student specializing in women's history. Professor of history and geography in secondary school between 2005 and 2007, he now teaches at the University of Provence.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782315001422