Tracking whistleblowers

Stéphanie Gibaud

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After telling the story that she lived in the bank UBS (The Woman who really knew too much, Cherche Midi), Stéphanie Gibaud notes the incredible risks taken by whistleblowers. Through her personal experience and concrete examples in France and abroad, she details the life of whistleblowers and the reasons why they have become pariahs of society.
The author

Working at UBS France in Paris, Stéphanie Gibaud played a decisive role in denouncing, in 2008, the money laundering practices of scale fraud in an organized gang of her company. She received the “Anticor” prize and was nominated for the Sakharov Prize in 2015. A figurehead of French whistleblowers, she campaigns for their protection in France and abroad.

304 pages | ISBN: 9782315008131