The Killing of the Matador

Bernard Hautecloque

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January 1, 1936. The body of a little boy with a shattered skull is found in the Paris region, at the Belle-Épine crossroads. Who is he ? What happened to him ? The investigation begins and hysterizes the whole of France. It will be necessary to wait more than eight months for a serious clue to appear in the midst of denouncements, suspicions, false leads: Marie-Louise Tanneau has not seen her son for more than two years. He was entrusted to his former lover, the father of the child, Frédéric Moyse, a former matador turned janitor. The character is whimsical and proud. But is he guilty? If so, the man will be sentenced to death. A story inspired by a real event that hit the headlines between 1936 and 1938.
The author

A historian specializing in the study of miscellaneous facts, Bernard Hautecloque is the author of Épices et poisons. The life of Antoine-François Dérues, the poisoner of the 18th century (Éditions des Equateurs, 2009) and Violette Nozière. The famous poisoner of the thirties (Editions Normant, 2010).

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315003112