The curse of the red sweater

The Rambla case

Aurélie Joly, Frédéric David

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Unpublished Canal+ document: Dolores, The Curse of the Red Sweater – in 4 episodes. First broadcast: October 14 How does one go from the status of victim to that of killer? Jean-Baptiste Rambla appears in a criminal case when he was only six years old. On June 3, 1974, he witnessed the kidnapping of his older sister, Maria Dolores, who was assassinated by Christian Ranucci, one of the last criminals guillotined in France. The RANUCCI affair inspired Gilles Perrault to write his bestseller, Le Pull-over rouge, which supports the thesis of a miscarriage of justice and which will greatly help supporters of the abolition of the death penalty in their just fight. But at what price for the Ramblas? Public opinion does not hesitate to turn against them, considering them guilty of the death of a so-called innocent. Alone and disarmed, they perceive neither the political ins and outs of a fight that is beyond them. The consequences will be terrible for this family. Thirty years later, Jean-Baptiste Rambla kills two women, Corinne Beidl in 2004, then Cintia Lunimbu in 2017. Serving his sentence for the first murder, he had obtained a parole which would have allowed him to find his son, then aged 8 years. “8 years old is exactly the age my sister Maria Dolores was when she was kidnapped in front of me,” he told the investigators when he was arrested... Aurélie Joly and Frédéric David, his two lawyers, thus brilliantly recount the route without beacons or help of a child victim who became a killer, and more broadly the destiny of a family, collateral victim of an emblematic fight of the Fifth Republic.
The author

Graduates of the University of Toulouse Law, Frédéric David and Aurélie Joly are both lawyers at the Toulouse Court of Appeal.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315008902