The school war

Guy Georges, Alain Azouvi

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“17% of students attend a private school. 7 billion euros are voted every year for these schools, coming from everyone's taxes. In 2013, 487 municipalities had only private schools, thus disregarding the free choice of families and the laws of the Republic.” Since its creation, the public school suffered an incessant war on the part of the Catholic Church and the clerical party. Disturbing observation: the denigration of secular schools and the legislative provisions in favor of private education encourage the communitarian organization of our society. This essay retraces, based on historical and statistical data, all the attacks carried out against public education, inviting us to be vigilant.
The author

Former General Secretary of the National Union of Primary School Teachers and Professors, former State Councilor in extraordinary service, Guy Georges played a major role in the development of the Basic School project. He founded and chaired the association Solidarité Laïque. Economist at INSEE, Alain Azouvi took an active part in setting up the first Meetings on Secularism at the National Assembly.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782315006465