The easy trigger

Hassan Bin Mahomed

18,90 €
At the age of 17, during a banal police check, Lahouari Ben Mohamed was assassinated at close range by one of the agents. "Sir, we have men of our own at the Baumettes prison where your son's murderer is imprisoned. If you wish, sir, tonight he is dead. We will do you justice. - No, I do not want. Justice will do its job. Verdict: 10 months in prison, 4 of which were suspended. 30 years after this tragedy which marked an entire generation, his youngest brother, who has become a police officer, investigates: what happened that evening? How was life in the city rebuilt after the tragedy? What happened to the murderer? A deeply moving memory task, this book is also an incredible lesson in resilience and wisdom.
The author

Hassan Ben Mohamed was born in 1976 in Marseille. He is now a policeman in Paris. Majid El Jarroudi is the founder of ADIVE, the Agency for Entrepreneurial Diversity.

304 pages | ISBN: 9782315006496