world hunger

Humanity on the brink of global famine

Hugues Stoekel, Yves Cochet

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The 20th century was one of voracity, the 21st century will be one of hunger. Elsewhere, of course, in Africa, but also in the West, right here. Depletion of fossil fuels and minerals, climate change, decline in arable land, agony of the soil, scarcity of fresh water, depopulation of the oceans, overpopulation, agricultural crisis: so many factors driving hunger and its consequences dramatic. Decades of casual expansion now leave us only a tiny strait to cross to avoid collapse and allow us to emerge undamaged from the fossil age. Hugues Stoeckel convinces us, without complacency and with many examples, of the reality of the danger, the better to show us the glimmer of hope.
The author

Hugues Stoeckel has been an activist ecologist since the 1970s (member of the Greens, Attac and Alsace Nature). Former regional councilor for Alsace (1992-2004), he is a municipal councilor in his village in the Northern Vosges. Yves Cochet is a researcher and mathematician. Former spokesperson for the Greens (1984-1986), MEP (1989), MP for Val-d'Oise (1997), Minister for Regional Planning and the Environment (2001-2002), he is today today's Green MP for the 14th arrondissement of Paris.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782315003099