The factory of abnormal children

Thierry Delcourt

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“The teacher says my son is not normal, that he has a disability. “Your child is hyperactive. He disrupts the class. He needs treatment. “He is 4 years old, the teacher says that my son is doing poorly, that he should be given an IQ test”. Every day, Thierry Delcourt hears these “killing words” from distraught parents who have to have their child undergo tests to detect a neurodevelopmental disorder, a disability, then rehabilitate them and prescribe medication. In the United States, the number of young people concerned is around 20%. In France, it has increased by 300% in fifteen years. However, these children are not handicapped or abnormal, they are only anxious, insecure or in psychic difficulty. Beyond the scandal that this book denounces, it helps parents to fight against the stigmatization of their child. It is also intended for teachers to help them find solutions so that the child can make his difference a strength.
The author

Thierry Delcourt, child psychiatrist, directs the continuing professional training organization for psychiatrists. He is committed to the search for quality and ethics of care. He is the author of Je suis ado et j'appelle mon psy and La folie de l'artiste, published by Max Milo.

252 pages | ISBN: 9782315008292