The eternal capitalist truanderie

Jean-François Bouchard

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The concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a small predatory class, repeated crises, the inability of politicians to influence the course of things, the worsening of inequalities and the end of growth are the markers of the capitalism today. This one has no more competitor since the fall of communism. Can he in turn die one day? Not in the short term: the system is stronger than the States, its worst scoundrels benefit from widespread impunity and if economists no longer understand anything or almost nothing about its functioning, no clear alternative is emerging. Above all, no one seems to consider seriously tackling a fundamental reform of modern financial capitalism. So we have to live with it... or not? Curiously, a century later, this same situation had been analyzed by Nikolai Dimitrievich Kondratieff, a famous economist and committed actor of the Russian revolution of 1917. Kondratieff was executed by Stalin in 1938 for having scientifically demonstrated the eternity of capitalism. Would he have the same opinion about capitalism today?
The author

Writer, economist, Jean-François Bouchard is an international consultant for major financial institutions: central banks, International Monetary Fund or World Bank. He is the author of Max Milo's Banker of the Devil, a biography of Hjalmar Schacht, the evil and brilliant financier to whom Adolf Hitler owed his power, or Half a Century on the Edge of the Atomic Abyss, an account of the world crises that could have end in nuclear wars.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782315007288