Young for a long time

Grégoire Lacroix

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"Aging is child's play" Based on this principle, Grégoire was able, after a very busy first life, to start a second where all his hobbies became full-time jobs: Guitar, collages, caricatures, songs and , of course, the Euphorismes which won him the René de Obaldia Jury Prize for “short form” in 2018. His immoderate taste for verbal jokes, of student or British origin, has survived the vicissitudes of a long existence, and manifests itself by humorously correcting the excesses of wisdom with which age adorns itself in the hope of deserving respect. Hence this double register, sometimes disconcerting, of lucidity and delirium but which remains ultimately very stimulating for the mind. A book as easy to open as a smartphone but difficult to close....
The author

Grégoire Lacroix was born on October 3, 1933 and lives in Paris. Author of surreal thrillers, journalist, poet and lyricist, jazz guitarist, specialist in photographic collages. For him, “humor is what prevents lucidity from sinking into bitterness. He is a member of the Alphonse Allais Academy.

144 pages | ISBN: 9782315008971