Jean Sarkozy

The golden son

Jean-Marc Philibert

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“I did not inherit all the paternal flaws. Who is Jean Sarkozy really? Why did someone who wanted to be an actor and took acting lessons become a precocious political beast? What links does he have with Corsica, his mother's island? How did he experience the Epad affair? What does he owe Neuilly-sur-Seine? What is his relationship with his father? What is his real ambition? Being well born does not sum up a political thought and today, the young man does not have one, confirms the author: his ideas are somewhere between social Gaullism and liberal pragmatism, a rather broad and catch-all spectrum. Torn between his loyalty to the President of the Republic and his desire for autonomy, the young man reveals his character here, under the testimony, among others, of his relatives and collaborators: a sharp ambition and already a consummate sense of political maneuvers .
The author

Jean-Marc Philibert is a journalist. He spent many years in the editorial staff of a major national daily. He is the author of The Money of our Presidents (Max Milo, 2008).

256 pages | ISBN: 9782353410873