I take you to the end of the line

Tribulations of a subway conductor

Rodolphe Macia, Sophie Adriansen

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The Paris metro is not the Pont d'Avignon: people sleep there rather than dance there. And yet, it would be enough to open your eyes to discover a different and rich world. Rodolphe, driver on line 2, takes us there. He has behind him twenty years of life underground. With humor and greed, he tells us about this territory as it reveals itself to the man in the cabin: the creatures he encounters there, the rituals he observes, the most unexpected adventures that shake up the routine. Between Nation and Porte Dauphine, fauna and flora are examined with a tender and sharp look: revelers, controllers, suicidal people, erotomaniacs, musicians or beggars... In Paris, more than 5 million people take the metro every day. At rush hour, at the end of the day, 540 trains run simultaneously across the entire network. Everyone seems in a hurry to get to the surface. And yet, behind the scenes of this underground world are fascinating and the driver's mission can sometimes prove to be heroic. Sophie Adriansen, who co-wrote this book with Rodolphe Macia, made no mistake in falling in love with the man as much as with his profession.
The author

Rodolphe Macia became a driver on line 2 of the metro after doing various jobs in the corridors of the metro (confectionery salesman, counter clerk, controller).

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315001330