I want to live in democracy

Hervé Lebreton

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“The “little teacher” who scares the deputies” le Point “A citizen reveals one of the best kept secrets of the Republic” Sud-Ouest. “Hervé Lebreton, maths teacher and cantor of “citizen power”” AFP Thanks to him, the parliamentary reserve has been made public, the personal enrichment of many deputies with public funds has been proven... In this astonishing and captivating, we discover how a simple citizen can shake the political system and achieve real progress towards greater transparency and probity. His stubbornness to know the truth irritates so much in high places that he will be filed by the General Intelligence. Hervé Lebreton does not however ask for much: just to be recognized as a simple citizen. His greatest hope, to make everyone understand that democracy belongs to each of us. This book, unique in its kind, offers each reader the opportunity to participate in the greater openness of public data in France.
The author

Hervé Lebreton, professor of mathematics, founded the association "For a direct democracy" in 2008.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782315008254