I'm Corsican and I'm not proud of it

Paul-François Paoli

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“So corso ene su fieru”. What if there were fewer and fewer reasons to be proud of Corsica? With historical arguments and supporting examples, a Corsican dismantles the false propaganda of the nationalists, which has only too much relieved the islanders of their responsibilities. No, the French state is not the cause of all the evils from which Corsica suffers. No, the island is no longer a singular region: honor, culture, the heritage of history, hospitality, the identity of the Corsican people, these great words have today become clichés there. archaic. Reality ? Mass unemployment, ethnic fracture, incivility, political ghetto, a social lethargy for which the responsibility lies first of all with the Corsicans and in particular with the nationalists. The provocations of the latter have contributed to widening a gap of incomprehension between Corsica and the continent. But pride is not measured by wearing balaclavas and stabbing in the water, it goes through a deep understanding of the determinism of the island. The courageous demonstration of Paul-François Paoli is well documented. It allows us to understand, ultimately, that the slump in Corsica is inseparable from that in France.
The author

Paul-François PAOLI, journalist, is the author of Impostures of Equality (Max Milo, 2003)

128 pages | ISBN: 9782914388580