I am a teenager and I call my shrink

Thierry Delcourt

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“It's better to talk to you than to my parents; I wouldn't want to hurt them. “ “ Anxiety, when it takes me, it's a terrible abyss! " " I do not know who I am anymore. I seem to have voices talking to me, it's weird; I'm afraid “ ... Today, teenagers dare to seek medical advice on their own. We salute the end of the taboo, easier speech, but beware of the vertiginous disarray because it only takes a trifle for a teenager's life to change. A challenge, a bad meeting, a sentimental rupture... and it can be the catastrophe of perdition. The hasty and uncertain evolution of society, of the family, of the relationship to work and to culture, upsets the landmarks of adolescents and parents. This often produces discomfort that can even go as far as incommunicability. Adolescence is therefore a crucial time to speak: it is the course to take as a priority. Thierry Delcourt guides us and proposes concrete situations so that parents and adolescents clear a path towards well-being and dialogue. Let's not forget that the adolescent period is rich in great creative potential that we must know how to reveal. The book is aimed at both teenagers and parents. It can even be read together, to talk to each other and hear each other differently.
The author

Thierry Delcourt, child psychiatrist, directs the continuing professional training organization for psychiatrists. He is committed to the search for quality and ethics of care. He is the author of Je suis ado et j'appelle mon psy and La folie de l'artiste, published by Max Milo.

272 pages | ISBN: 9782315007127