I do not agree

I vote white

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I don't agree because the president of the republic can be elected with 10% of the vote; I disagree because democratic rules are rigged; I do not agree because we are forced to make a choice between liberalism and extreme right.
The French are angry. Decisions seem to them to be made by a disconnected, poorly elected and unrepresentative political staff who defend the interests of a caste to which they do not belong. Over the course of the polls, confidence turned into mistrust. Faced with this democratic crisis, the book "I don't agree, I'm voting blank" offers a healthy and non-violent way to stimulate the legitimacy and dignity of our representatives. The author provides concrete answers to the contestation and offers the reader, who is also a voter, an instruction manual to change the functioning of the electoral machine.
The author

Stéphane Guyot is a committed civil society actor. Founding President of the Blank Vote Party, he is an expert on blank ballot and abstention issues.

48 pages | ISBN: 9782315010318