They did worse!

300 new unusual and hilarious facts

Philippe Chatenay, Simon Marty

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A criminal who mistakenly robs his own daughter's restaurant... A legionnaire who tries to desert by fleeing in a tank... An archaeologist who falls madly in love with a statue... A hospital canteen that uses human language... Romanian police officers taking ballet lessons... A firefighter who burns down his house while organizing a candlelit dinner... A grandpa who does a wheelchair heist... Didn't Sartre say that news items were the mirror of a society? Human nature is crazier every year. Its excesses reveal boundless creativity and intergalactic stupidity. Incredible, and fresh... The unusual miscellaneous facts of the weekly Marianne are acclaimed by readers. Building on the success of volume I, They did it, bestseller in 2008, Simon Marty and Philippe Chatenay, heads of the section and journalists at Marianne, have sorted for you 300 new stories that are even crazier, always funnier.
The author

Simon Marty and Philippe Chatenay, journalists and heads of the section They did it in the newspaper Marianne.

280 pages | ISBN: 9782353410620