François Missen

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This story-report tells the singularity of a territory forgotten by the world for a century, and suddenly in the headlines, after the decision of the United States to install a terrible prison universe there. Singularity of this Cuban enclave, its songs, its dances. Singularity of the climate: floods and cyclones wash away the roads, without ever diminishing the enthusiasm and tenacity of the population. Guantanamo City is rich in contrasts. How to find the keys? By speaking with those who live in the area and work on the American base. So many voices, so many echoes of existence behind the journalistic clichés. The Guantanameros deliver themselves with good humor and sensuality to the alert pen of the author, who has been passionate about Cuba for years. A humble and poignant story.
The author

Journalist and writer, François Missen was a war correspondent and reporter. He received the Albert Londres Prize for his coverage of the war in the Middle East and the Pulitzer Prize for his collaboration in the investigation of the French Connection. He has published fifteen books.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315003594