Gregor reappears

Pascal Béné

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"The originality of Pascal Béné is to have been inspired by the metamorphosis to build another story, by taking up the main character at the point where Kafka had left him". Lionel Richard. The Literary Magazine. "Undoubtedly, one of the most astonishing, intriguing novels of the new school year (...). Pascal Béné pursues his Kafkaesque quest with impressive virtuosity". J.-PH.Mestre The Progress of Lyon. Grégor reappears takes the opposite view of the implicit habits by which is often approached, in literary fiction, the place of the one who takes the floor to say what he is or is not, what he wants to be or not. , what he knows about him. At the beginning of this novel, the narrator remembers having been a kind of insect. Staggering in an empty house, intrigued by mysterious noises and clues, he tries to understand his metamorphosis. He discovers unknown emotions. He reveals his most secret thoughts to us and describes with infinite attention to detail the different stages of his transformation. Incredible sights, strange discoveries. It is a lucid birth to the other being. One might think that the author has rewritten Kafka's Metamorphosis upside down. But in fact, he describes the daily life of the human condition "upside down", detailing in a clinical light, and with frozen humor, the elementary experiences of life.
The author

Doctor of Philosophy and journalist for the written press.

178 pages | ISBN: 9782914388269