François Bayrou - Confidences

Estelle Véronis, Jean Véronis, Nicolas Voisin

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“It's a barbaric world. A barbarity that does not speak its name... What is at stake today is to rebuild the house. François Bayrou Does François Bayrou incarnate a form of political radicalism? After ten years away from the government, the candidate now poses as a social democrat and proposes what he calls a civic "refoundation" bringing together Republican goodwill. Is his position really “extreme-centrist”? How to build a policy on a triple defiance, vis-à-vis the all-liberal, the all-State and the all-media? Who is the intimate man behind the candidate? What are his roots, his admirations, his values, his anger and his complicity? Whatever the subjects covered, from Europe to urban loneliness, from the deficiencies of the State to faith, Bayrou's words surprise here by their naturalness. In October 2006 and March 2007, the actors of the PoliTIC'Show website carried out several hours of interviews with the UDF candidate, giving themselves the conditions for a rare freedom of tone.
The author

Estelle and Jean Véronis are respectively lecturer and professor at the University of Provence. They are specialists in language and new technologies. Nicolas Voisin is a blog reporter. Passionate about journalism and politics, he created the webTV PoliTIC'Show, and initiated Le Monde Citoyen. He participates in the Freemen network and writes daily on Nuesblog.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782353410170