anti-young France

How French society exploits its youth

Grégoire Tirot

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How to explain that France is today the developed country whose youth is the most pessimistic in the world? This book is the fruit of healthy anger: a young civil servant from the Ministry of Finance, tired of seeing everywhere the precariousness of “twenty-somethings”, wanted to understand to what extent our economic system disadvantaged young people. His findings are overwhelming: supporting figures and examples, he demonstrates that in France all the conditions are met for the outbreak of a generational war that does not yet say its name. The privileges of grandpa-boomers, the trivialization of unemployment among those under 30, the state of servitude that trainees too often suffer, the clichés about the "blah generation" or even the monopolies of the "68 generation": he author scrutinizes issues that show that France is returning to an archaic regime in which birth and background outweigh merit or the desire to succeed. But measures are possible, urgent, and this book outlines what could become a fair social contract between generations, provided that politicians have the courage to attack the privileges of the real ruling class: the most 50 years and pensioners.
The author

Married with two children, Grégoire Tirot was born in 1977 in Nantes. A graduate of the Institut d'études politiques in Paris and holder of a master's degree in history, he works at the Ministry of Finance, after having been parliamentary attaché to the National Assembly for two years with a former minister.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782353410316