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Neighbours, family, work, police, administration, divorce, inheritance...: Commissioner Vénère answers you

Philippe Vénère

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Daily life can be exasperating: a neighbor who is too noisy, an abusive landlord, brothers and sisters who fight over the inheritance, a husband ready to do anything not to pay alimony, uncivil police officers... Faced with these problems, often we give up, frustrated and helpless. However, solutions exist. For several years now, Commissioner Philippe Vénère, rich in his legal knowledge and his experience in the field, has been providing practical and concrete answers to hundreds of French people. He analyzes here the most characteristic and most common cases of your daily troubles, to provide everyone with an effective practical guide against fatalism.
The author

Divisional commissioner, Philippe Vénère worked at the Direction of the Judicial Police of Paris. He was an officer of the public prosecutor's office and taught criminal law and criminal procedure at the University of Paris 8. Author of the Manual of resistance against police tax (Max Milo, 2009) and of The cops have they become incompetent? (Max Milo, 2010), he has had his own column in France Dimanche for two years, “Commissioner Vénère replies to you”.

223 pages | ISBN: 9782315002955