Should you have your child vaccinated?

Virginia Belle

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Should you have your child vaccinated? A question that some no longer ask themselves, as the practice has become so commonplace; even pediatricians who sometimes do not take the trouble to inform us about the risks, which are nevertheless very present. Why are certain mandatory injections systematically combined with optional vaccines? Are these products safe? How and why do the competent authorities minimize or even not recognize the serious adverse effects of vaccines? What mechanisms behind the vaccine dogma? Through the testimonies collected and the opinion of health professionals, Virginie Belle lifts the veil on the system and scrutinizes the clinical trials, the components and the operation of our bodies. It is not a question here of being for or against vaccines but of addressing the various issues of a medical act that has become commonplace. An exclusive survey that puts vaccination in its rightful place. A guide to recommended vaccines will also help parents make a personal and “informed” choice.
The author

Virginie Belle is a journalist. Author of When aluminum poisons us (Max Milo, 2010), her research triggered a review of the product's toxicity by health control agencies. Today, she works on public health topics for the daily press and magazines.

432 pages | ISBN: 9782315003662