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A man goes through his life like a ghost. He killed the woman he loved and now perceives her presence everywhere: in the shadow of a cemetery, in an opera aria, in the eyes of a beautiful stranger... Is he the victim of hallucinations? or on the contrary too lucid, with a lucidity such that he sees not only the bottom of his soul but also that of others? We know that the feeling of guilt can arise without a culpable act. But how can you believe yourself innocent when you are constantly stalked by a detective who pretends to be a nurse with strong charms? Through his character haggard and tortured by a bad conscience, Klabund reviews the flaws of the world and of an era that will soon give birth to National Socialism. Thus pass before our eyes pseudo-Marxists, inveterate scientists, cynical industrialists and dictator determined to make the world happy by the Taylorization of feelings. This criticism without dogmatism is nourished by images which, mixing shadow and light, horror and delight, underline the frantic and chaotic search for oneself, the quest for meaning but also the quest for salvation with women, both reserve of tenderness and promise of annihilation. Between heaven and earth, Klabund takes us on a metaphysical thriller, a reflection of our world in search of idols and eager for more convenient subterfuges than real questions.
The author

Klabund (1890-1928), master of German literature, precursor of a form of writing close to cinema, will inspire Bertold Brecht and Günter Grass through his poems, plays and novels.

188 pages | ISBN: 9782914388597