Ego trip

The society of artists without work

Luis de Miranda

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Faithful to the spirit of the Mad Max collection, this philosophical essay analyzes in a concise, powerful and enervating way the condition of postmodern man within an outrageous market society, the stupidity of exacerbated narcissism and this phenomenon of escapism – desire to escape from reality - which stems from this. The Artist-without-work is the ultimate outcome of this process: by refusing the uniformity of his cloned existence, he dreams of leading the life of an artist, but he creates nothing, only the intention counts. ”The man therefore invests his libido in his fantasy of being unique without having to prove it”. Luis de Miranda finely denounces the social consequences of this navel-gazing utopia fueled by the cult of consumerism, reality TV or advertising. Ego Trip is the second volume in the Mad Max collection. More than ever relevant, it was reissued in January 2005.
The author

Luis de Miranda was born in Portugal in 1971. A graduate of HEC and philosophy, he is now a novelist, essayist and publisher. He has published eight novels. He is also the author of the essays Ego trip (Max Milo), Is a new life possible? (Us), and Can we enjoy capitalism (Max Milo). He is the founder of the "crealist movement", current of contemporary thought and aesthetics. In 2010 he published The Art of Being Free in the Age of Automatons with Max Milo.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782914388351