DERRIDA: The Dismantling of the West

Jean-Clet Martin

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Deconstruction is the concept that made Derrida world famous. But no one has yet sufficiently explored this strategy of deconstruction, which is more fragmentary than monumental. For the first time, Jean Clet Martin offers a full reading. It follows Derrida's journey, stretching towards the distance, elsewhere, practicing a real experience of "difference". Another vision of man, woman, sexuality, friend, animal is affirmed there... The West has never been able to think of the Other, refusing to conceive the difference on which our economy imposes the identity of a single thought. But to really think is to enter into a confrontation, into a radical difference at the risk of losing oneself. Thinking with justice leads us to a limit that is not that of the majority white man, he who consumes all the living and destroys what appears to be foreign. Hence the urgent need to create new words, to see what is circulating on the margins, outside the West but still in the madness of art so often misunderstood. Deconstruction then appears in a change of scenery that makes Derrida like a redskin or a solitary marrano...
The author

Jean Clet Martin is a philosopher. Translated in Japan and the United States, he has successively published works on Deleuze (Payot), Borges (L'explosion), or even on the painting of Van Gogh (Le Seuil). He created the Strass de la philosophie site.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782315004829