A Frenchie in Bernie Sanders' campaign

Clément Pairot, Frédéric Autran

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On November 9, 2016, part of the world woke up stunned and haggard to discover the face of the 45th President of the United States. Unthinkable at first, then feared, the defeat of the Democratic Party and its candidate against Donald Trump then concluded an extraordinary electoral campaign... During the primaries, while the Republican Party allowed itself to be seduced by the temptation of an insurrection racist populist, another revolution - far more promising - of hope has been overshadowed: the campaign of Bernie Sanders, stifled by the Democratic Party to ensure the nomination of Hillary Clinton. With Démocrazies, dive into the heart of American democracy, share the enthusiasm of millions of Americans for "Bernie" and discover behind the scenes of a campaign that changed the United States. An immersive, didactic and entertaining journey to meet another America, from Iowa to California via Nevada, Ohio, New York, Chicago and more. A salutary story as much as necessary, as 2020 approaches for those who wish to grasp the full complexity of the American political system and understand the upcoming election, or more generally wonder about the contemporary weaknesses of Western democracies.
The author

Embarked on a whim in the Bernie Sanders campaign, Clément Pairot experienced all of the 2016 Democratic primaries from the inside. With Démocrazies, he takes us on this adventure by his side.

408 pages | ISBN: 9782315009534