In the mouth of the wolf

Married to a narcissistic pervert

Marianne Guillemin

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Married for a few months, Marianne discovers little by little that her husband is egocentric and dominating. Pleasant and charming in public, he belittles her in private, imposes his habits, promotes her career to the detriment of that of his wife. In addition to psychological violence, there is physical violence. Marianne learns to decipher the moods of this perverse man, implements strategies to avoid conflict, protect her three children. Not daring to talk about it and because she thinks that her children need their father, she will live ten years in the mouth of the wolf. Several years after her divorce, she will still dread returning home. It will take time to rebuild. Today she offers thoughtful testimony on the mechanisms of narcissistic perversity, withdrawal into oneself and encourages women to stop being silent.
The author

Journalist, communication officer at the Ministry of Defense for thirty years, Marianne Guillemin collaborates with La Tribune/le Progrès. She is the author of Communication Officers: the obstacle course (Harmattan, 2013).

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315004959