From one world to another

Autism: A Mother's Struggle

Olivia Cattan

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Ruben is the last of a family of three children. At 4 years old, he does not speak, refuses to sleep, shouts at certain noises. However, the computer has no secrets for him. The diagnosis falls: he would be autistic. Then begins the fight of a mother so that her son lives normally: training in educational methods abroad, speech therapy, psychomotricity... She becomes his school assistant. Little by little, he comes out of his silence, blossoms and becomes a student "almost" like the others. In this testimony, Olivia Cattan denounces the silent segregation of autistic children in France. She recounts her activism and her encounters with leading politicians. His hope is to change the way autism is viewed.
The author

Journalist, Olivia Cattan collaborated among others with the economic notebooks of the World. President of the Women's Words association, she wrote Two angry women (Ramsay, 2006), Women, the Republic and the good God (Presses de la Renaissance, 2008). She has just created the SOS autisme association in France.

288 pages | ISBN: 9782315004928