Crimes without punishment - Bouaké case

One of the biggest scandals of the Fifth Republic

John Balan

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Why were nine French soldiers dead and thirty-nine injured on November 6, 2004, in Bouaké, Côte d'Ivoire? Fifteen years after the events, these crimes have still not found a culprit. A trial at the Assizes is underway to try the two suspect Belarusian pilots. Will he lift the leaden screed that certainly covers one of the biggest scandals of the Fifth Republic and involves three French ministers: Michèle Alliot-Marie (Minister of Defence), Dominique de Villepin (Minister of Interior) and Michel Barnier (Minister of Foreign Affairs), at the material time, under the presidency of Jacques Chirac? For fifteen years, Me Jean Balan, the main lawyer responsible for defending the families of French soldiers killed and wounded, will go from surprise to surprise, from battle to battle, in order to pursue an objective: to dismantle, piece by piece, a lie involving the highest authorities of the country in the name of disreputable interests. Every fact, every reported word is supported by indisputable documents. It is the most secret and bloody state scandal of the Fifth Republic.
The author

Jean Balan is a lawyer at the Paris office.

288 pages | ISBN: 9782315009428