Neighborhood conflict

Rafaële Rivais

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She began to watch the comings and goings of her neighbor. When she knew she was ready to leave the building, she prepared a basin of water. She emptied it on her head. She heard him jubilantly going back upstairs to change. When she saw him in the street going home with his double stroller and the little ones in it, she braved the flow of cars to arrive before her at the foot of the building: she smeared the handle of the front door. Audrey Nichelong envies her neighbor, Rachel Kubler, so much that she puts her through hell. The latter, successively confronted with the indifference of the social landlord, the police and the justice system, sets aside her principles to ensure her safety and that of her family...
The author

Rafaële Rivais has been a journalist at Le Monde for twenty-five years. She spent several years in Brussels before returning to Paris. This story is based on real events.

196 pages | ISBN: 9782315004690