Passing confidences

Toufik Abou-haydar

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Night and day, Toufik roams the streets of Paris. One eye on the road, the other in the rear view mirror, his days unfold to the rhythm of the poetry of the asphalt and ephemeral encounters, these thousands of souls who roam the sidewalks in search of a saving seat. Through the window, as in a shrink's living room, we discover a host of sympathetic characters, cads, bourgeois, executives, toothless, hoodlums, prostitutes, tourists on the go, celebrities, politicians who come to pour themselves into the reassuring and benevolent ear of their driver. While the numbers on the meter scroll by and the echo of traffic vibrates, Toufik offers us a magnificent dreamlike stroll, between historic monuments, working-class neighborhoods and unusual places, all against a backdrop of jazz…
The author

Lebanese author, Toufik Abou-Haydar worked in the world of press and photography before changing his life and becoming a taxi driver.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315006274