Understanding Wagner

Dorian Astor, Hermann Grampp

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“Wagner sums up modernity. Whatever we do, we must begin by being Wagnerian. Nietzsche Glorified in France and Germany in the 19th century, the image of Wagner was hijacked: the revolutionary art of this close friend of Bakunin would soon be enlisted by the Nazis in the service of their propaganda. The authors return to Wagner's life, his philosophy and the contrasting reception of his work. They remind us of the emotional shock he caused and demonstrate that there is a before and an after Wagner in European cultural history.
The author

Philosopher and musicologist, Dorian Astor has retranslated Ma vie de Wagner (Éditions Perrin, 2012). He contributes to the events of the Opéra national de Paris on the occasion of the composer's bicentenary. German historian and music critic, Hermann Grampp is a specialist in Wagnerian reception in France. He has collaborated on several dictionaries on Wagner. Aseyn illustrated for the collection Understanding/Essai Graphique Camus (2013). He also works for the press and advertising.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315004676