Understanding emotion

Maurice Moulay, Thomas Rebischung

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What is an emotion? What social role does it play? How to understand and express it? Is there emotional intelligence? These are the fundamental questions to which Maurice Moulay answers in a clear and concise manner. Beyond simple abstract analysis, it brings emotion back to our daily lives: how is it orchestrated by the media, by politicians or by artists? What can psychology and psychiatry teach us about these "movements of the soul"? A book with moving drawings.
The author

Maurice Moulay is a doctor in clinical psychology and a psychoanalyst, member of the Psychosomatic Center of Paris. Among other things, he has devoted himself to issues related to the body and emotions. Thomas Rebischung is alternately a graphic designer, illustrator or storyboarder. He also develops a work of drawings stuck in public spaces.

112 pages | ISBN: 9782315003037