Understanding Freud

Hervé Castanet

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Freud's name, still alive, is inseparable from his discovery: the unconscious, and from the consequences he draws from it: psychoanalysis. This book takes up with force and clarity the issues identified by Freud to illuminate the crucial points. It demonstrates in what way and how the vexation that psychoanalysis inflicts on humanity's self-esteem is still current. To understand Freud is to enter the scene of otherness: we are neither our only brain, nor our only body, nor our only family... Our specificity is to be subjects who speak, subject to the language that desire liberates.
The author

Hervé Castanet, university professor, is a member of the School of the Freudian Cause. He is a psychoanalyst in Marseille. He has published fifteen books, including Tricheur de sexe (Max Milo, 2010). Yves Rouvière also illustrated in the “Understanding” Marx and Le Capital collection (Denis Collin, Max Milo, 2011).

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315003020